"After years of being a solo act, Preston Ary recruited 3 of the best musicians in Missouri, and the rest is history. After opening for Granger Smith, Casey Donahew Band, The Lacs, Confederate Railroad, Jameson Rodgers, and headlining many shows through out the Midwest, The Preston Ary Band continues to rock Missouri. They are out to hit the road playing original music from the "Came Here To Party" album, some of the best classic rock and country covers you've ever heard, and just a dash of 2000's rock
"If you like to have the whole crowd partying, this is the band you want" 
With a new album in the works, The Preston Ary Band will undoubtedly be the band you want to keep an eye on."

 Bio Published by Indie Artist Magazine
At the age of 20 Preston joined a country rock band called Southern Edge. The band heard him perform a few original songs at an open Mic night in west plains Missouri. Shortly after, they asked him if he would be interested in joining the group. It became a great decision, as the band was highly active in the area, and they got to open for confederate railroad, and the lacs.
 “I began to fall in love with the music scene more and more. As I continued to write and grow as an artist and a performer, I began working on solo projects in friends garages and using all my hard earned money to try to create an album.” says Preston.
After 5 years of putting in money to record his songs the best he could, he met Cathy Lemmon, who runs an artist development business. Cathy helped him to meet Kent Wells, and a few local writers in Nashville. Preston spent a week writing songs and picking out his favorites to record with Mr wells. He spent the last bit of his hard earned money and hoped that his songs would finally come to life.
“Mr. Wells surpassed my expectations with his production and turned my dreams into reality when I heard the finalized work of the songs that I had written.” says Preston. All of the garage recordings and garage band sessions had no comparison. “I figured I may actually have a chance at this.” says Preston. When he heard the final mix of Hide and Seek in which he co-wrote with Bill Diluigi, he knew it was a potential number 1.
Just livin  the dream 🎶
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